Video lessons available

I have 4 video lessons available at Rifftime.They are 5-8 minutes each and are just $2.99.
I am joined & assisted by the wonderful guitarist Riner Scivally.
The topics covered are;
1-Interacting in a Duo Format
2-Diminished Arpeggios over Dom 7th Chords
3-Melodic Minor in Improvisation
4-Harmonic Minor Scale Over the ii-V7-i & V7-i Progressions


Skype lessons

I can connect with you anywhere in the world for lessons via Skype! The price is $50 (US) per hour, with a 1 hour minimum. I teach  saxophone technique from beginning to advanced, with an emphasis on producing a beautiful saxophone sound.
I also teach theory, composition, arranging and improvisation on ANY instrument.
Contact me at and we can set something up.